Merry Chistmas!

Merry Christmas from everyone at Woehammer! We hope that the Red Gobbo brings you all that you wish for and more!

To celebrate Christmas I thought I would look back over our first few months as a site and revisit our most popular posts to date!

This was out first post to reach over 2,000 views and was on the very popular subject (as you’ll see) of AoS competitive army lists.

Next up was one of our earlier Classic Battle Reports from White Dwarf, this time from White Dwarf 148 and the Battle of Blood Keep.

A more recent post this time, with the top three competitive lists from the Everwinter Grand Tournament in the US.

Our first (and to date only) 40k competitive list review also came in December with the coverage of the three lists from Swedish West Coast GT.

Our final top 5 post was about the Warhammer 40k Battleforce Boxes, how much they would cost and what your got inside them.

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