Faction Focus – Slaves to Darkness

Win Rate

Slaves to Darkness currently sit with a win rating of 42.22%. The only competitive subfaction at present appears to be Hosts of the Everchosen with a win rate of 64.71%. Despoilers sit in 2nd with a win rate of 42.86% which is below the threshold we’ve set at Woehammer of 45%.

5 wins Results

10th July 2022South Coast Series JulyMax Soule (UK)
Players who achieved 5 wins at a GT

4 wins Results

10th July 2022Summer on the Coast GTChris Hall (USA)
Players who achieved 4 wins at a GT

Other Results

Players using Hosts of the Everchosen should aim for 3 wins, while Despoilers players should aim for 2 wins. Ravagers should aim to chalk at least one win up on the board, though this may be difficult. Hosts of the Everchosen are the only subfaction to achieve the full five wins at a weekend, while none of the other factions are yet to achieve even four wins.


Top Lists

Top Three AoS Lists - 1st Place, Maggotkin of Nurgle

Allegiance: Slaves to Darkness
Damned Legion: Host of the Everchosen (Sixth Circle)
– Mortal Realm: Aqshy
– Grand Strategy: No Place for the Weak
– Triumphs:

Archaon the Everchosen (860)**
Aura of Chaos: Tzeentch
– Spell: Binding Damnation
Chaos Lord (120)**
– Reaperblade & Daemonbound Steel
– Command Trait: Master of Magic
– Artefact: Arcane Tome (Universal Artefact)
– Mark of Chaos: Tzeentch
– Spell: Mask of Darkness
Chaos Sorcerer Lord (135)**
– Mark of Chaos: Tzeentch
– Spell: Mask of Darkness

3 x Varanguard (280)*
Ensorcelled Weapon and Warpsteel Shield
– Mark of Chaos: Tzeentch
3 x Varanguard (280)*
Ensorcelled Weapon and Warpsteel Shield
– Mark of Chaos: Tzeentch
8 x Iron Golems (75)**
Mark of Chaos: Tzeentch

9 x Untamed Beasts (70)**
Mark of Chaos: Tzeentch
9 x Untamed Beasts (70)**
Mark of Chaos: Tzeentch

Endless Spells & Invocations
Chronomantic Cogs (40)
Purple Sun of Shyish (70)

Core Battalions
*Bounty Hunters
**Battle Regiment

Total: 2000 / 2000
Reinforced Units: 0 / 4
Allies: 0 / 400
Wounds: 88
Drops: 3

Brett: A return of a list that became common in AoS 2.0 with Archaon and Varanguard taking the tournament 5/0. Really demonstrates just how Archaon can dominate a lot of the board but don’t discount the Endless Spells either. With 3 wizards in the list (thanks to Arcane Tome) they are always going to be an option. Cogs offering rerolls for casters making Purple Sun, with it’s debuffs and wound potential more reliable, much more reliable.. Marking Archaon with Aura of Chaos – Tzeentch is a great way to increase his and the armies durability. So this list is all about durability and being hard to shift. Making the Varanguard Bounty Hunters improves one of their weaknesses (damage output) and is a solid move for removing MSU Galletian Veteran units. With both the Iron Golems (keep them stationary on a home objective in cover) and Untamed Beasts there are plenty of Galletian Veteran units in the army and 2 teleports (Mask of Darkness) to get them where they need to be. 6″ pregame move and the ability to run and charge make the Untamed Beasts unpredictable with a very long threat range. It would be great to see how the list plays into Nighthaunt. A very solid performance against some of the newer books we can only assume that Archaon wrecked face. 5/0 is an amazing performance with one of the older books and a range of characters that everyone knows well.


Performance Against Other Factions

Its a very small data set with such a small number of Slaves to Darkness players. At first glance however, they appear to perform well against the Stormcast Eternals.

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