Age of Sigmar Player Ratings 16th July 2022

Below is an update to the Age of Sigmar Player Ratings which now reflects all GT’s that have taken place between the start of July and now.

How do you get an Age of Sigmar Player Rating? (The Rules)

To qualify for an Age of Sigmar Player Rating (ASPR), at present you must have played in a two day tournament at some point since 1st July 2022. That tournament must also have involved at least 8 players. These are referred to as Qualifying Tournaments.

Please contact us on if:

  • You have taken part in a qualifying tournament and you don’t see your name inside our Excel document.
  • There is an error with yours or someone else’s score.
  • We have given you the wrong national flag or nation inside either our graphics hosted here or inside the excel document included in this article.

All scores are calculated using the Elo System used in Chess, and based on a k factor of 20.


I made an error in my last post when calculating the player scores for Kingdom of Skrappa Spill. James Beeden and Tom Moore were given their first round results as a win and draw respectively. This is incorrect, without an opponent to (which I thought I had found last week through guess work) these players cannot be given a rating for that match. This then affects future opponents who play them. This has been corrected and I apologise for the error.

Top 10 Age of Sigmar Player Ratings – Worldwide

In our first week carrying out the ASPR we see a nice mix of countries inside the top 10. However, so far GT’s have only taken place in England, Italy, Scotland and USA. Once more GT’s are held I think we’ll see familiar names begin to climb and hold onto those top 10 positions.

Top 10 Age of Sigmar Player Ratings – Europe

The ASPR for Europe isn’t too dissimilar from the Worldwide at present. But with the exclusion of the three US players this has meant we get to see Andrea Ferrarese, Arrom Wilson and Matthew Brooks included here.

Top 10 Age of Sigmar Player Ratings – By Country

Below is each Country’s top 10 Player Ratings. These are for all Countries with a representative to date, going forwards I will only carry these out by regions. For example, Europe, Oceania and North America. To see a Country’s top 10 you can filter on the excel document attached.

Age of Sigmar Player Ratings - Scotland
Age of Sigmar Player Ratings - England
Age of Sigmar Player Ratings - USA
Age of Sigmar Player Ratings - Italy
Age of Sigmar Player Ratings - Wales

The Excel Document

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