Age of Sigmar Player Ratings

As you may have spotted in my AoS meta post on Sunday, Woehammer are branching out into Age of Sigmar competitive player ratings.

I will track the rankings of players for all tournaments using the General’s Handbook Pitched Profiles 2022-23 Season 1.

Competitive Player Ratings

The player ratings are based on the Elo system used in Chess*. For those interested in math(s) the K factor we’re using is 20. Players begin with a rating of 1,000 and will gain or lose points based on their opponents rating. For example, someone who beats an opponent with a higher rating than themselves will gain more points. Likewise, a high rated opponent will lose more points if the lose to someone rated less than themselves.

Top 10 Age of Sigmar Player Ratings – Worldwide

Worldwode Age of Sigmar Player Ratings
Woehammer – Worldwide Top 10 Ratings

You can see in our worldwide leaderboard that the English are currently dominating. This is purely due to the fact that 50% of the tournaments so far have taken place in England. As more tournaments take place and players begin to attend more than one tournament, the ratings will really start to show.

I’ve included armies in this first draft, as all the players have only played a single tournament and therefore have only used one army. I will remove these in the future and it will show just the players names.

Top 10 Age of Sigmar Player Ratings – England

England Age of Sigmar player ratings
Woehammer – England Top 10

Speaking of England, here are the Top 10 Age of Sigmar player ratings. Some familiar names are already appearing on this list, such as Freddie Leggett and Baz Norman Jr who were both involved in the tSports Champions events over the last month or so.

Top 10 Age of Sigmar Player Ratings – Scotland

Scotland Age of Sigmar player ratings
Woehammer – Scotland Top 10

England and Scotland are the only two countries with enough players so far to complete a top 10 Age of Sigmar player ratings for them. But in the future top 10’s will be done for regions (Europe, North America etc) rather than countries.

I’ve included the Spreadsheet of all tournament matches that have taken place so far under the new General’s Handbook. This includes the full ratings of all players that have played so far.

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