Tournament Preparation – Big Waaagh!

This is a spiritual (if not actual) 2nd part to my Tournament Preparation for Champions UK. Check that out here.

This is the list again:

Allegiance: Big Waaagh!
– Grand Strategy: Hold the Line
– Triumphs:

Megaboss on Maw-Krusha (480)*
– General
– Boss Choppa and Rip-tooth fist
– Command Trait: Touched by the Waaagh!
– Artefact: Arcane Tome (Universal Artefact)
– Mount Trait: Fast ‘Un
– Lore of the Weird: Da Great Big Green Hand of Gork
Wurrgog Prophet (150)*
– Artefact: Glowin’ Tattooz
– Lore of the Savage Beast: Gorkamorka’s War Cry
Orruk Warchanter (115)*
– Warbeat: Fixin’ Beat
Orruk Warchanter (115)*
– Warbeat: Fixin’ Beat

10 x Orruk Brutes (320)**
– Jagged Gore-hackas
– 2x Gore Choppas
– Reinforced x 1
10 x Orruk Brutes (320)**
– Jagged Gore-hackas
– 2x Gore Choppas
– Reinforced x 1
5 x Orruk Ardboys (85)***
– 1x Gorkamorka Glyph Bearers
5 x Orruk Ardboys (85)***
– 1x Gorkamorka Glyph Bearers

3 x Orruk Gore-gruntas (170)**
– Jagged Gore-hackas
4 x Ironskull’s Boyz (80)*
2 x Savage Big Stabbas (80)*

Core Battalions
**Hunters of the Heartlands
***Ironjawz Fist

Total: 2000 / 2000
Reinforced Units: 2 / 4
Allies: 0 / 400
Wounds: 148
Drops: 11

With a whole season of campaigning behind them (effectively being my Ironjawz list as well), these guys have been through some scraps, knocks and bruises. So yesterday – during a Hobby catchup with mates – I decided to put down the paint brush, pick up the glue and grass tufts and make some small improvements to the bases… basically a lot more tufts!

The list smashes and bashes… after waiting a while to build up some Waaagh! power. The hitting elements are nice and obvious with quick, quick, slow, slow being the order of the day. With some boosting going on!

Quick, Quick

Whilst the Pigs are fast (18″ + charge turn 1), the Maw Krusha is super fast (36″ + charge). They keep people honest at deployment and allow me to assume I’ll get the first turn and get some early blood, or go second and not have lost too much myself. Fast, Cunning or Brutal; it doesn’t matter – when these boyz charge they’ll do damage. Embarssingly the damage from the Gore-Gruntas is better, because it doesn’t rely on Stomp being available. Oh… how I pine for the end of Hunters of the Heartland. Roll on 2022/23 season.

Slow, Slow

The Brutes are definitely my secret weapon. I’ve even got to the stage where I remember to tell people with 1 wound models about their ability on objectives… oh yeah! Loads of attacks, high rend, and a warchanter buff. These guys are great for a teleport or if the enemy gets close. Unfortunately they do have low survivability in a meta with mortal wound shooting and high rend but if they get in they turn into dicers.

Da Boost!

The Warchanter isn’t great against Seraphon because he damage bonus is effectively negated, but it does mean that the Maw Krusha can still kill some Skinks so it’s nothing to sniff at. It does mean I can be more offensive with these guys than normal and 6 attacks, D3 damage (3+/3+ before Big Waaagh bonuses) is nothing to sniff at. Get at ’em.

The Gazing Git

Wurgogg, with his very glowy Tatooz4

The guy is definitely the secret weapon. He’s an Orruks so can be teleported, but he can’t Hand of Gork and then Gaze… so I need to lure people in. Fixed objectives help; although he can get shot off himself he is 7 wounds on 4+ ward so can take a fair bit of damage.

Needless to say when he rolls hot I’m dancing across the room and when he (usually) does 7 wounds to himself for only 2 to the enemy… I cry a little inside. He’s definitely the model that makes Waaagh worth it over Ironsunz.

Da Ladz

Da Ladz, in all their glory, before a short trip to Nottingham and Dinosaur killing.

The Champions UK 2022, is being covered on Twitch by Rob and T-Sports Network. So go and catch-up with us all there and see how we’re doing!

— Declan

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