Hobby Update – 10 Gutrippaz

Those who have been following Peter’s Kruleboyz army will already know about the Gutrippaz and what they can do.

When Peter asked for my help to paint a few Bolt Boyz I followed straight on with a unit of Gutrippaz from Dominion.

10 Dominion Kruleboyz Gutrippaz

Unfortunately, they are not the best unit at the moment, due to their high points cost, but the warscroll definitely has potential. Hopefully they’ll get a point reduction in the new General Handbook due this summer.


I have used my regular red & blue scheme which is common across all my Destruction forces. The blue on the shoulder pad is Nihilakh Oxide which I use frequently – it’s especially good for Destruction armies where I see their weapons as being old and reused from previous owners.

Another Closeup

And the red scareshields to cause -1 to hit for opponents!… hopefully.

So, I’m waiting for the GHB update to see if these get a points decrease… especially as I have loads of them from mutiple Dominion sets!

— Declan

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