Warscroll Statistics

I’ve been developing sets of Warscroll Statistic cards. These will be published on this website in the near future.

These cards show for each unit their essential details as most Warscrolls do, but with a difference.

For Opposing Players

These cards show how much damage had to be dealt by various rend types in order to have a good chance of destroying the unit in a single turn.

For example, in the Warscroll below the Akhelian King would require on average 12 damage to be allocated from weapons with no rend to have a chance of destroying this unit. At rend -2 it requires 9 damage from these weapons.

This card also shows the threat range of its various weapons taking into account its movement and charge distances etc. It also shows the average damage and max damage caused by each of its weapon types. On top of this it goes on to break down how much unsaved damage would be caused on average against various save values.

For Owning Players

Likewise all of the information can be useful for new players learning the army and wanting to know a units capabilities on the tabletop.


The Akhelian King – Warscroll Statistics

As mentioned before, my intention is to produce a pack of these for each battletome. They’ll be available from the resources section of the website in the future.

Let me know what you think!

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