Horus Heresy 2nd Edition: Which Legion are you?

A few of us at Woehammer are getting a little hyped for the new Horus Heresy edition. As such, we decided to do the choose your legion series of questions on theHorusHeresy.com


I’m a massive Blood Angels fan and have been ever since I first got into the hobby. However, since reading the first few books in the Horus Heresy series I developed a love of the Luna Wolves.

That being said, the Luna Wolves were renamed the Sons of Horus by the time of the Horus Heresy. So how would I go about creating an army in this style? There’s two options here, the first is to simply say that loyalist Sons of Horus somehow survived Horus’s purge and turned their back on the Primarch by returning their colours to that of the Luna Wolves. The second option is to claim that these particular Luna Wolves were left as a standing guard to ensure compliance of a particular planet and were somehow forgotten by their brethren. I’m more inclined by the second option as it leaves a question mark as to whether they are loyal or traitor….

Luna Wolves by Taleofpainters.com


An easy choice for me, my 40k chapter of choice and the one that I am currently painting and playing with is the Crimson Fists. Therefore, a Horus Heresy project would have to be based on a force commanded by Alexis Polox, the Crimson Fist, first Chapter master of the Crimson Fists. During the Great Crusade, Polux became one of Rogal Dorn’s most senior captains, rising to his advisory council, the “Stone Men.”

Captain Polox led primarch Dorn’s Retribution Fleet at the Battle of the Phall system against the Iron warriors. After the battle Polox with the remains of his company found themselves at Macragge.

After the Heresy, and the splitting of the Legions, Polox was the chapter master of the newly formed Crimson Fists chapter and led them for 800 years,

My HH force would be based around Captain Polox and his Imperial Fists Legion’s 405th Company.


I am a terrible hobby butterfly, so this was a bit trickier for me. I have previously played both Space Wolves and Ultramarines in 40K and (briefly) started an Imperial Fists army when I got back into 9th Edition. I took the big quiz and realised it was fairly clear it was going to end up with either Imperial Fists or Iron Warriors but did I really want to dive back into Imperial Fists again….?

Imperial Fists were tempting because the main thing which had put me off in 40k was the fact that my favourite units tended to be a bit (OK, a lot) pants, this could be remedied in Horus Heresy because I really liked the older marine sculpts. Then I remembered “Storm of Iron”. It’s an absolute classic in the 40K literature from Graham McNeill, with Iron Warriors and lots of cannon fodder Traitor Guard besieging an Imperial fortress. I shan’t properly review it here or give spoilers but it’s great fun and 100% worth a read. Well, I now have a Renegades and Heretics army for 40K and I could happily recreate a late Heresy army with them and some nice new Iron Warrior friends (aaahhh friend…..I’m hoping the rules will allow this sort of mixing).

Bonus points being if Pete and Steve are playing Loyalists I will relish having a bit of banter, especially with Steve and his Fists. I think I will enjoy playing the bad guy and truly hope there’s some sort of special rule which allows me to shell my own troops for the lulz.

So, it’s time to set up a direct debit for Iron Warriors paint, develop some fairly serious daddy-issues and prepare my crusade to liberate the galaxy from the scourge of the False-Emperor.

Iron Within, Iron Without!


Blood Angels for me all the way – they were my first chapter – and not at all picked because they were all red – but I’ve never not liked them as I began to read around the fluff I liked them even more.

One of the first White Dwarf’s I ever bought has the iconic black and white drawing of Horus & the Emperor facing off and Sanguinius dead and their feet, have inflicted the damage that would be Horus’ downfall. And that is how I see the Blood Angels. Perfect… flawed and willing to die for the right of the Imperium — and kill anything that stands up to it.

I’ve painted a few armies in my time but I don’t play 40k anymore so pictures are more limited – and all the models packed away. If you’re nice to Peter in the future maybe he’ll get me to show you some photos… I even have an army mostly made up of RTB001 models — yes I am that old!

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