Hobby Update – Murknob with Belcha-banna

I’m starting to get a pace going with my Kruleboyz with a character now joining my small force. This time I’ve finished a Murknob with Belcha-banna. Once again a great fun model to paint, although not sure quite how much use I’ll get out of him as his rules aren’t great and I can’t see him dislodging any of the choices from my Big Waaagh.

Warscroll from Wahapedia

Sure, it has the potential to do some mortal wounds in combat (but average of 1 is unlikely to change anything) and the 1″ reach means he needs to be near the front – and whilst the Power of Kragnos has a potential to stop a spell a 5+ seems a little harsh!

That’s a big Belcha…!

I’ve now got 13 Kruleboyz finished, and getting through the Dominion box sets. Once again thanks to Peter for the initial push needed to get these started.

— Declan

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