Woehammer Staff Painting Competition

So as well as the public painting competition (where you can win a Start Collecting or Combat Patrol box of your choice, courtesy of SCN Hobby World), we’re also running a mini painting competition for those here at Woehammer.

But I need your help! Below are all the entries to our competition (without names to remove any possible bias), I’m going to post a poll on Twitter on which model you think deserves to walk away with prize. But you can also vote on your favourites below which will be added to the scores. Vote for that which brings you joy!

Here are the entries:

Cartoon Pin-Up

This model has had the cartoon or cell-shaded method used on it where the artists has lined in black and then painted the areas between. Pulled off to perfection.

Jakkob Bugman XI

This particular artist has been painting for nearly two years now, but has the skills of someone who has been painting for ten times that long. Take a moment to enjoy the bear in the window on the rear of the back pack.

Imperial Fist Captain

An experienced artist who has put every detail into the model with water effects, zenithal highlighting and weathering. There are so many details to see with this model from the chipping on the black trims around the shoulder pads, to the details on the cloak to the water effects on the boots!

Howling Griffons Captain

Another artist who has been painting for only a couple of years and has gone town with an excellent water effects base and glowing power sword. I love the idea of this Captain leading his troops on some kind of water planet scourging the xenos ahead of them.

Calas Typhus

Another experienced artist who took particular care on the base and weathering and lots of wet blending.

Ork Beastsnagga Warboss

A model with rage and violence in abundance, look at all that blood flowing from the sword! With warpaint, a headless primaris and as I mntioned… lots of blood whats not to love about this mini?

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