Warhammer 40,000: Imperium – Issue 5 Review

I’ve managed to get some painting down this week, even if it is some base colours.

Primaris Lieutenant

The Primaris Lieutenant nears ever closer to being finished with just some detailing, his backpack and the base to go.

Necron Warriors

The Necron Warriors are also nearly finished with their weapons and bases to be finished.

Assault Intercessors

The Assault Intercessors are some way from being completed with only their white armour segments having been laid down so far.

Skorpekh Destroyers

The Skorpekh Destroyers have only had their base coat of Iron warriors metal completed.

Issue 5

So issue five is here with a shiny new Space Marine Captain who is unique to the Imperium series. I’m not a massive fan of the sculpt but I’ll paint it up and see how I feel about it when it’s done.

This issue sees the usual painting guides and construction guides for the captain as well as the now very loved (by me at least) fluff generator.

We also learn a little about the wargear of the Space Marines in the 41st millennium. There’s also a short story which introduces you to the Chaos Space Marines of Crimson Slaughter as they clash with a chapter of loyal primaris marines.

There’s another battle, this time the captain faces of against the three Skorpekh Destroyers from last issue.

Next week we have three Primaris Aggressors, which again is a full unit and excellent value for only £8. The week after there are no models but at two paints. That week should give me the opportunity to catch up on this ever growing back log at least…..

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