Warhammer 40,000: Imperium – Issue #3

So progress has been pretty slow this past week, with the Lieutenant still not finished…..

And the Necron Warriors needing some further paints and basing before I can call them done…….

To top it off we have three more minis to add to this back log now in the form of three Assault Intercessors. We also picked up some Macragge Blue paint in this issue. I can’t express enough what good value for money these magazines work out at. For £8 you’re getting three miniatures and a paint!

The Intercessors

On top of that, in this issue the magazine tells us all about Assault Intercessors and gives us more information on the Imperium and its two parts Nihilus and Sanctus. You’re given another battle card for the Assault Intercessors which I always enjoy as these give your miniatures some fluff, which even as seasoned gamers you can always enjoy and use on other miniatures if you wish.

The fluff generator

There is also a short story this week called The Assault on Drakthyr, which introduces the Assault Intercessors and their battle against the Necrons.

You’re given your first painting guide for the Intercessors and Lieutenant this week if you’re looking to paint them in Ultramarine colours. The magazine teaches about painting in thin coats and building up a good solid colour (ala Duncan Rhodes). Unfortunately for those of us not collecting these miniatures as Ultramarines the Assault Intercessors do come with moulded Ultramarine Chapter symbols on their pauldrons. However, it’s not too much work to scrape these of and then file the paldron smooth once more.

Next week, more Necrons in the form of three Skorpekh Destroyers, and again coming back to the value of these, I realise these are push fit models but a box of these would set you back £24+ through your preferred retailer and you’re getting these for £8. Bargain!

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