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Book Review – Neferata: The Dominion of Bones

by David Annandale

After a few Horus Heresy: Siege of Terra reviews, I decided to take a break with Age of Sigmar, and what better way than to take a step into Nu-Lahmia.

Neferata, from Black Library

From the book:

Neferata is besieged. To the east, the daemon prince Graunos gathers the legions of the Blood God, seeking to tear the Mortarch from her throne. To the south, Sigmar’s storm heralds the coming of the Anvils of the Heldenhammer, intent on pressing the God-King’s claim. All the while, an ancient enemy grows, hidden within Neferata’s lands. Never has her power seemed so fragile. But, within the dominion of bones, the Mortarch of Blood controls all, and even the champions of the Dark Gods will find themselves puppets in her schemes.

Black Library have more Warhammer 40k/Warhammer 30k releases than Age of Sigmar, but this is slowly improving this as the Age of Sigmar gets more and more background. However, this is almost back to the Old-World as Neferata (brought back by Nagash) is the main protagonist in the book. But caught between the Heldenhammer (Stormcast) and the Blood God how will she retain control?

Lahmian vampires may not be the best vampires on the table top but they are one of the most interesting narratively. Better suited to an RPG than rolling battlefields these creatures are great centre-pieces whilst they manipulate others. And Nu-Lahmia and Neferata have not changed at all – and it’s great to have the stability of knowing the characters.

David Annandale manages to bring this together with Stormcast and Khorne (with a little Nurgle thrown in for good measure), whilst still ensuring that this remained a book about Neferata. It’s a great read, runs at a good pace and has action throughout. Great fun, and perfect for people wanting to bring Lahmian’s into their Age of Sigmar RPGs.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

— Declan

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