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Hobby Update – Loonsmasha Fanatics

5 Loonsmasha Fanatics

Most of my recent games of Gloomspite Gitz have been with Squigs, but I like all the book and the Loonsmashas(*) have always been a unique unit in Age of Sigmar. When released they had ‘Strikes First’ when very few units had it, and for a short time they were one of the best units in the book… but, as more units received the ‘Strike First’ ability or mortal wounds on the charge, a small unit of 5 Grots with 1 wound each at 140 points quickly became a liability.

But… The models are so cool, so when Will said he had some spare I grabbed them up, throwing cash at him as I giggle off back to my cave!

Loonmsmashas painted by Declan

They have so much character and great balls of steel (or rock) wizzing around at break neck speed. You certainly need to be careful storing and moving them, and they’d be perfect candidates for magnetising.

And all with a brilliant 1″ reach…! Well, can’t get everything – right??

— Declan

(*) affiliate link