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Hobby Update – Swampcalla Shaman

I don’t normally post Hobby Updates following assembly, but last weekend I picked up a special treat… the limited edition Swampcalla Shaman from Games Workshop. I picked him up at UK Games Expo 2022, which is a board games convention. It does have a substantial presence from Games Workshop though, so was a perfect opportunity to pick it up!

Mugruk Da Watcha

He is a named character… but not in the book so comes with his own rules:

Okay, there’s not a lot there – essentially he is a Swampcalla Shaman… which makes the decision to not include his own Pot Grot is a little strange!

The sprue is packed, although there are no options to make two of them different. It is also push fit… although I did use plastic glue to ensure it stays together.

Ready for Undercoat

And there he is… ready for undercoating and then adding to my army. I’ll give you all an update when he’s finished!

— Declan