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Hobby Update – Allor

Those of you who are familiar with our YouTube channel may remember that I started a Grudge ringer army some time ago. This was meant as an homage to my favourite video game of the 90’s ‘Shadow of the Horned Rat‘.

I’d already painted up Commander Bernhardt back in 2020 as well as some Grudgebringer cavalry and infantry.

I wanted to get Allor the wizard involved in the army as well. For those of you not familiar with the game, here’s his unit card:


There wasn’t a suitable Warhammer model available so I decided to create the miniature in HeroForge. It’s a great website that you can spend hours on creating your ideal mini! I ordered mine some time ago and have only just got around to painting him after deciding to take a break from painting Kruleboyz.


I have tried a little OSL but I don’t think I’ve pulled it off. More practice needed.

Here he is with Commander Bernhardt..

I’m pleased with how they’ve both come out.