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Book Review – Shamanslayer

Book 11 in Gotrek & Felix Series – by Nathan Long

Gotrek and Felix have been on many adventures in the World that Was started by William King whose mantel Nathan Long has taken up. In Book 11, they must stop a Shaman from destroying the Empire!

Shamanslayer by Nathan Long

From the book:

Dwarf Trollslayer Gotrek and his human companion Felix Jaeger, Warhammer’s most famous pair of heroes, head off to a new adventure in the latest novel of this best-selling fantasy series against a horde of beastmen who threaten the safety of the Empire.

The horde are moving a Herdstone to the centre of the Empire in order to unleash it’s magic. Magic which turns those near to it into Beasts as well. Will Gotrek & Felix be able to prevent the Shaman and save the Empire from this latest, grave threat?

At book 11, the Gotrek and Felix books are really morphing into the Felix and Gotrek books. This is not surprising as Gotrek developed by William King was already a full character with Felix being more of a sidekick. Nathan Long’s stories have development for Felix (because the only real development for Gotrek is to die!), and it’s good to see.

The story flies along, with a character returning from previous books and Felix must prove that he a worthy wielder of his sword. It has everything you’ll know from the previous books with swords and arrows flying, death all around and Gotrek and Felix at the centre of the storm and all the events.

Despite the death of the World that Was, Gotrek novels set in the Old-World are still great reads, and I would still recommend reading them if you haven’t before.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

— Declan & Eeyore

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