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VOTE – Stormcast Scheme for Stormbringer

I’ve had many responses to my question on whether I should follow the Magazine steps or create my own using an original scheme. The opinion was unanimous in that I should create a guide for an original scheme.

Therefore I have come up with some designs below. These aren’t all original and one or two are other GW stormhost, but I thought I would include these in case people wanted a guide on those.

Below are all the schemes followed by a poll at the end.

Scheme 1 – Celestial Warbringers (GW Scheme)

Celestial Warbringers (GW)

Scheme 2 – Hallowed Knights (GW)

Hallowed Knights (GW)

Scheme 3 – Knights Excelsior (GW)

Knights Excelsior (GW)

Scheme 4 – Anvils of Heldenhammer (GW)

Anvils of Heldenhammer (GW)

Scheme 5 – Celestial Vindicators (GW)

Celestial Vindicators (GW)

Scheme 6 – Homebrew 1

Runelord Brass / Mephiston Red

Scheme 7 – Homebrew 2

Leadbelcher / Mephiston Red

Scheme 8 – Homebrew 3

Leadbelcher / Castellan Green

Scheme 9 – Homebrew 4

Pallid Wych Flesh / Stegadon Scale Green

Scheme 10 – Homebrew 5

Leadbelcher / Abaddon Black

There we have it. Ten schemes, five by GW and five by myself. All you have to do is vote for your favourite. I’m going to leave this poll pinned to the top o