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The Champions (UK) 2022

The UK AoS / Warhammer Masters has been running for some years, initially started by Ben Curry and the Bad Dice Podcast. After a COVID enforced break, the AoS mantle has been picked up by Rob from The Honest Wargamer / T-Sports Network for 2022 and renamed it ‘The Champions’. And he has just announced the 16 attendees for the event – and the format.

From T-Sports Network / The Honest Wargamer

It lists the players who have been invited and accepted and their places in the UK rankings at the cut-off date in early May. The list includes people who’ve been with AoS for a while and some young upstarts (doing some great work and bringing much needed new blood into the Hobby).

The Pack

I won’t repeat the pack here… pop onto the Honest Wargamer site to see for yourself … but I do want to mention the pairing mechanism Rob and this team have chosen:

There’s method in the madness

So those who have qualified highest should have a better chance of ending in the top 4. Surely the only fair way to do it! This is a great replacement for Swiss when trying to find a winner but also give everyone a placing within it. It also means that there is everything to play for on the Saturday as the players vye for their places overnight which will determine their play-off positions.


Those eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed that I have qualified for the final, which I am immensely happy with. I’ve been playing at tournaments since 2002 and have been in mid-table mediocrity for most of the time. I never thought I’d be near enough to the top 16 to creep into the event, and I’m not sure it’ll be repeated!

With the end of COVID I was given a few wife-points to go to ‘some’ tournaments and I went to see friends, roll dice and have fun. As readers of the Woehammer blog will know this started with a one-off Sons of Behemat (picking up an early 3-2 at Mancunian Carnage), then Gloomspite Gitz, but unfortunately this was sidelined as it’s just too far behind the meta! I then moved back to Ironjawz and had some good success including another 3-2 and a 3-1-1.

But the finishing touch was a switch to Big Waaagh for four tournaments, getting 4-1; 3-2; 1-4; and an elusive 5-0!

I’m still in shock at qualifying and haven’t thought about which army to take… although it’s difficult not to look at the Big Waaagh as I know how to use them!

I’ll post some more thoughts later, but for now check out the links above and good luck to the other 15 qualifiers!

— Declan