Woehammer Player Rankings – General’s Handbook 23-24

With the recent release of the Battlescroll: Tactics of Andtor in late September, the gaming landscape has undergone significant changes, incorporating new points and updated rules. As a result, we find ourselves on the brink of compiling the initial batch of Woehammer Player Rankings for the first few months of this Handbook.

Curious about your standing? Wondering where you landed in your continent? Look no further. The tables below unveil the Top 10 players for each continent and across the globe. In the coming week, we’ll also unveil the top 10 players for each Faction thus far.

Eager to discover your ranking without delay? Head to Age of Sigmar Player Rankings 23-24, perform a quick search with your name, and satisfy your curiosity. On that page you’ll also see how each factions points per win is calculated.

The below table shows our handicapped scoring system for the first Battlescroll of this Handbook. You’ll hopefully notice that those who are meta chasers will score less per win than those who stick with the factions that are suffering.

FactionWin RateRanking Points per Match Win
Cities of Sigmar38%52.4
Stormcast Eternals42%47.3
Gloomspite Gitz46%43.2
Slaves to Darkness47%42.9
Beasts of Chaos47%42.5
Lumineth Realm-Lords47%42.5
Idoneth Deepkin47%42.5
Ogor Mawtribes47%42.3
Maggotkin of Nurgle47%42.3
Sons of Behemat49%40.7
Flesh-eater Courts49%40.6
Disciples of Tzeentch52%38.3
Kharadron Overlords52%38.3
Hedonites of Slaanesh53%38.0
Blades of Khorne53%37.6
Daughters of Khaine54%37.2
Big Waaagh!55%36.5
Ossiarch Bonereapers59%34.2
Soulblight Gravelords59%33.9
Woehammer Ranking Points Per Player Win at GT’s

Asia Player Rankings (10 Players)

Oceania Rankings (303 Players)

Europe (891 Players)

North America (1,012 Players)

Worldwide (2,216 Players)

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