Unit Stat Cards

I’ve often visited the idea of creating unit stat cards for reference purposes. These would show things like a units resilience (i.e. How much damage should be allocated to it on average before saves are made to have a chance of destroying it in the battleshock phase). What the units threat range is and how much damage it does on average.

I’ve knocked a few designs up over the last few months but have started to settle on the ones below.

Eventually I’m hoping to do these for each unit in the game……

I would love any feedback you may have.

8 thoughts on “Unit Stat Cards”

  1. Data cards look really good.

    I’d like to see some printed examples, but it’s often very difficult to get that amount of info on a small printed card.

    Hope to see the rest of the Kruleboyz range in data card from from you, would be really great!

      1. I’ll be checking back for them for sure. Woehammer is doing a great job with AoS and Orruks in particular!

  2. These look awesome, they remind me (in a way) of the cards from Warcry. The only other piece of info which might help would be the actual stats for the unit itself. That way I could have these laid out during a game as a quick reference.
    Just a thought, but I’m conscious of the amount of info on one page, so it’s a balancing act.

    If you have them printed on card please sell them, I’ve got a bunch of armies where these would be great!

  3. Its a great idea. For me, its more like the interesting Information as an opponent. So having them on the table for my own arme isnt the best idea i guess. But in an app on a Event, so you can check the info at the start of the battle to know what you can take out on average can ne super worthy. Great idea.

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