International TTS AoS GT

In preparation for the Woehammer GT taking place next year in 13th & 14th May, we thought it may be fun to give players from around the world the chance to test their metal against one another.

It also gives me chance to test the BestCoastPairing System before we use it next year.

Entry to the tournament is free! If you want to sign up and take part (and face the likes of Josh Bennett – Daughters of Khaine World #1, Randal Brasher or even Tavendale from no-rolls) then drop me an email to with your name and email address.

  • As entry is free their are no prizes at present.
  • Army lists must be submitted by Friday 19th August
  • Players will have a week to play each round
  • Games should take no longer than 3.5 hours
  • Once matching takes place, players will need to organise with their opponent a suitable time to play.

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