Keeping up with the…. AoS Meta

Odd title right?

Hear me out, we’ve been discussing as a team a series of articles around each faction. These would give hints and tips on perhaps the best way to tackle those factions as well as giving a rough guide as to unit priority mid battle.

The first article is likely to be based on Nurgle as they’re the current ‘Faction to beat’ and make up a vast number of the tournament armies.

This will be followed most likely by Seraphon.

However, what we want to know is what else do you want to see in these articles? Why not drop us a comment below and let us know.

6 thoughts on “Keeping up with the…. AoS Meta”

  1. General recommendations on what to consider during deployment would be great. I know those are hard when there are so many battle plans, but breaking down which armies are going to be gunning for your backline and which ones you need a significant front-screen against etc would be cool.

  2. Disparities between 2.0 and 3.0 Battletomes and how to overcome the gap when facing armies with new books.

  3. I’d love a high level gameplay strategy and key targets list.

    For example, should I try outrunning them or fighting the army head on?

    If I play against seraphon, what units should I prioritize first in a vacuum?

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