Hobby Update – Big Stabbas

The eagle-eyed amongst you will notice that I painted these in January, but I’m counting them as February for our Hobby Roundups.

2 x 2 Big Stabbas

I needed something to replace the Marshcrawler Sloggoth in my Big Waaagh! army as I didn’t need the +1 to hit. Having decided on the Big Stabbas, I grabbed some bits from my Gargant bits box to make the chaps on the right.. and the actual models on the left.

As Savage Orruks they have a slightly lighter skin tone than my Ironjawz, but still have the significant 90s style line edge highlighting throughout the model.

They were great to paint and very quick, so I may get a few more done.

They have also already had their first outing at Nameless King event in Derby were they definitely caused more damage than the Marshcrawler and served as a useful second defense against the double turn!

Hobby Bingo

I’ll be counting these are the Unit of 2+ models for Age of Sigmar (B2) and A4

So that’s another two boxes completed, and one at expert level. I may catch Peter at this rate!

Hope you like them

— Declan

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