Top Three AoS Lists from Clash of Swords

Elysium Wargames recently ran a 2 day, 5 game Age of Sigmar tournament. It was run by Twitterer Ellis Priestley at Elysium Wargames.

By all accounts it went well, and Tom Patton took it out with Sons of Behemat and a 5-0 result!

The event was run on BCP (Best Coast Pairings App), so I was able to grab

Now, without further ado – the winning lists.

1st Place – Sons of Behemat – Tom Patton (5-0)

Following the Winter FAQ and the significant change to the Kragnos warscroll, Tom has decided to try him out in a Gargant list… and didn’t it do well! With 2 Gatebreakers and Kragnos this army is quick, likely has a triumph and can dish out damage… and the 6+ ward saves are not shabby on models with so many wounds.

This list seems to work in a similar way to the 3 Gatekeeper & 2 Mini-Gargants lists.

It’s great to see the Destruction God getting some play now that he has a new scroll, and I don’t think this will be the last 5-0 we see with him in the list.

Kragnos is now a Beast!

2nd Place – Stormcast Eternals – Jacob Whitehouse – 4-1

I reported on the success of the Stormdrake Guard at Blackout at the end of last year and they are back again. This is definitely an army that I would fear playing against, and if you want to go 5-0 you’ll need practice against it. It’s quick, mobile, the unit of 4 is great at ‘Unleash Hell’. It’ll breath on you (mortal wounds) and then charge! Definitely ouch.

I don’t know what Jacob lost to, but the new speed of Destruction with Kragnos may be able to outspeed this… however be careful of losing Kragnos – he’s no longer better if these guys are around.

3rd Place – Maggotkin of Nurgle – Mikey Herbert(4-1)

It’s great to see the new book doing well so early upon release (this was pre-FAQ). With 2 big guys and lots of Plaguebearers I imagine that this works very similarly to the Gargant list – walk onto the objectives and don’t die!

And Plaguebearers are masters at this approach. They may not be putting out much damage but with 2 wounds each they will be sticking around for a while.

I reviewed Nurgle upon it’s release, so you can read my views on it in a series of articles starting here.

Thanks to Ellis & Elysium Wargames for making the results easier to find. Sounds like everyone had a great time!

— Declan

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