Solo Wargaming – Part 2

Following on from my previous article, I wanted to share my progression to date and how I envision the whole system working once its up and running.

There will be a total of three different card decks used in any game.

Battleplan Deployment Deck

This deck comes with a cover card denoting how the deployment draw is carried out, what each objective number is and how to layout any scenery.

Battleplan Card

The deck also includes a number of other cards. A card is drawn for each Card Controlled unit in the army. This card then details how that unit will be deployed and in what order. The order of their deployment is determined by the number on the shield at the bottom of the card. This acts as an initiative order for deployment.

Battle Tactic Action Deck

There is an overall Battle Tactic card for each tactic in the game. At the beginning of the game you would take the overall cards for Monstrous Takeover, Ferocious Advance, Aggressive Expansion and Conquer and shuffle these together. One is then drawn at random which will be the Card Controlled army’s Battle Tactic that turn. The following turn the Broken Ranks battle card is added in and the one used in the previous turn discarded. In turn three the remaining battle tactic cards are added with used cards continually being discarded.

The Broken Ranks Battle Tactic Card

The Battle Tactic Deck which contains the actions for the units are then shuffled together with 1/5 of the deck of Battleplan Action Cards and one of these is drawn for each Card Controlled unit in the game that turn. These cards denote how and when these units move and shoot etc.

Broken Ranks Action Card

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Solo Wargaming for your Favourite Games

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