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White Dwarf #1 – Old School Review

After writing about the History of Games Workshop and doing research into A Life in Wargames, I’ve been able to get my grubby little hands on to electronic copies of the first White Dwarf.

Therefore I thought it would be interesting to have a read and to review the first ever issue.

The Cover of Issue #1

The first thing that is noticeable (and to be expected, considering the age) is the whole magazine including the cover is in black and white. There are no photographs and nothing in the way of graphics to make elements stand out. There are a number of drawings that are used throughout the magazine.

Out of the nine articles inside the magazine, four are about Dungeons and Dragons. In the editorial, Ian Livingstone mentions that he hopes White Dwarf will be a vehicle to bring the readers news of all the best science fiction and fantasy games on the market.

The magazine is targeted to the older generation with a comic strip included about Dungeons and Dragons that is distinctly adult in its theme.

Ian starts the issue by reviewing Metamorphosis Alpha a game by TSR that is a science fiction setting for a roleplay game. Metamorphosis Alpha takes place on a gigantic generational space ship whose inhabitants have undergone a series of mutations and every day turns into a challenge to survive as the survivors explore the ship to find supplies.

You can still buy Metamorphosis Alpha today on PDF via Drivethrurpg.com. The game costs just $5.99.

There are also segments about the inaugural UK D&D society and how to become a member.

There is a very long article (which includes algebra) on how to calculate the effectiveness of monsters in D&D. I actually enjoyed this, but I would assume for many that it would be a bit dry.

Open Box gives ratings out of ten to games currently on the market. Their markings so far are;

  • Diplomacy 10/10
  • Dungeons and Dragons 10/10
  • Sorcerer 7/10
  • Starship Troopers 9/10

There’s a further review of another game called ‘The Warlord’ which is comparable in style to Diplomacy.

This is a very different White Dwarf to the one you know and love, but as a piece of wargaming history it’s fascinating.

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