Ironjaws Tech: Mighty Retreat

Ironjaws is an army defined, more than anything else by the ability “Mighty Destroyers”. Mighty Destroyers is a command ability used in the hero phase to Move, Pile in, or charge. Jaws are Infamous for crossing the board in a single turn and blowing up half your army in one explosive charge, but true followers of Gork know that Cunnin’ is the second half of brutal.

Masters of the Waaagh like Scooter Walters, Noah Singh, and Greg Brewer have long been utilizing a very Cunnin’ maneuver called the Mighty Retreat. To understand the Mighty retreat we have to dive into the mechanics of Mighty Destroyers.

When you issue the command, if the unit is outside of 12″ of any enemies it can make a normal move action. But if it’s within 12″ and outside of 3″ that unit must immediately make a charge move instead. What’s interesting here is that this occurs before the movement phase, meaning you can charge in, then retreat move in the same turn. You can give em the ol’ Goregrunta Reach around and get into some REALLY nasty positions with this surprise movement as most people don’t realize you can do this.

The charge

But merely getting into position won’t win you the games, u’z gotta Smash N Bash em. You have to be able to capitalize on that position, and here’s where the really interesting part comes in. As long as you’ve completed a charge move this turn, you can pile in, even if you’re not in combat. This means that you can retreat and end just outside an enemy unit, and then pile in during the combat phase to attack them.

The mighty retreat

Not only does this let you engage in unexpected places, it also allows you to mess with combat sequencing as your unit is technically outside of combat until you do your pile in, so your guaranteed to hit the enemy before they hit you. Adding this trick to your arsenal can help you sneak into juicy bits and prove once again that Green iz Best.

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