Bolt Action – Part One (Dipping of Toes)

Dave and I love GW games, and we often meet down the club now that the lurgy lessened its grip to play a bit of Warhammer Fantasy, Cursed City, AoS or 40k.

I’ve always been tempted by historicals, and recently, Dave has been chatting with some other gaming pals about doing Hollywood style Bolt Action games.

He mentioned this last night, and I said I’d been considering dipping my toes as well. So we set ourselves a little challenge. We decided instead of diving head first into a new gaming system like we always do, why not buy and paint a squad of men each and then battle it out the next week over a couple of short games to see if we like the rules.

Which Campaign?

Neither Dave nor myself were comfortable playing as the Germans (just our personal choice and no shade thrown at those who do), so instead, we opted for the Winter War between Finland and the Soviet Union.

Dave wanted the Finnish and so opted for a small box of Riflemen. While I found an equivalently sized box of Soviet Airborne infantry.

Hopefully, we’ll have all these painted up and on the table next week. We’ll take some pictures of the minis and the games as well.

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