Lumineth Realm-Lords Datacards

Reading the Datacards

Each Datacard has three distinct sections; Charge Chance, Resilience and Average Damage Output.

Charge Chance

This graph shows the move and charge distances each unit can achieve and shows the chance of them achieving this distance as a percentage.


This table shows how much damage would be required on average to destroy the unit. This is split into the various rend types most commonly found in Age of Sigmar. For example, the unit shown in the image above would need 18 damage from -2 rend weapons for the enemy to have a chance at destroying it.

This can be cross-referenced with another units average damage output to see what kind of damage they’ll do to it.

Average Damage Output

This simply shows how much damage on average the unit is expected to inflict after saves against the various save types. If there are multiple load-out choices, then these are shown separately, as is any missile damage.

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