Soulblight Gravelords: Top Performing Lists Breakdown 23rd July 2023

The following is a breakdown of all lists that have achieved four wins or greater at GT’s we are aware of.

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Current Win Rates

The below table shows the current win rates for all the subfactions that have been used up to and including the 23rd July 2023. As at this date there have been a total of 48 players attending GT’s using Soulblight Gravelords.

SubfactionUsed at GT’sWin Rate
Legion of Blood1760.4%
Legion of Night1751.2%
Vyrkos Dynasty1359.8%
Avengorii Dynasty180.0%
The above is a breakdown of ALL faction lists at GT’s, not just those with 4+ wins


4+ Lists, Units and Distinct Warscroll Counts

There have been a total of 9 lists that have achieved 4 or more wins at GT’s under the current General’s Handbook. These are broken down by Subfaction below. We have also included the average number of units that appear in each of these high performing subfactions list, and the number of distinct warscrolls.

SubfactionLists with 5-0 ResultsLists with 4+ WinsAverage # of Units Per ListAverage # of Distinct Warscrolls Per List
Vyrkos Dynasty13118
Legion of Night05118
Legion of Blood02108
Avengorii Dynasty0195

Average Points Spending by Faction

Vyrkos Dynasty (4)62585547815
Legion of Night (5)88463641256
Legion of Blood (2)110044524015050
Avengorii (1)7801220
Ld – Leaders BL – Battleline Bh – Behemoths A – Artillery O – Other S – Spells

The above table shows what each player who achieves 4 or more wins at a GT are spending their points on, on average. The figure in brackets next to the subfaction shows the number of lists that have achieved 4+ wins.

Core Battalion Choices

SubfactionBattalion CountMost Common Drop Count
Vyrkos Dynasty (4)12/6/8 & 11
Legion of Night (5)22
Legion of Blood (2)12/4
Avengorii (1)12

The average number of battalions that an average list which achieves 4 or more wins is shown in the second column in the table above. The third column shows the most common drop count for a list with 4+ wins from that subfaction.

The Battalion choices are shown below;

BattalionVyrkos (4)L. Night (5)L. Blood (2)Avengorii (1)
B. Regiment3721
Command Entourage1
Andtorian Acolytes11

Average Wound Count

SubfactionAverage Wound Count
Vyrkos Dynasty (4)190.25
Legion of Night (5)145.60
Legion of Blood (2)105.00
Avengorii Dynasty (1)101.00
The average wound count of lists that achieve 4+ wins

Grand Strategy & Triumph Choices

The following table shows which Grand Strategies are being chosen by the subfaction players.

StrategyVrykos (4)L. Night (5)L. Blood (2)Avengorii (1)
Empire of Corpses32
Lust for Domination1221
Control the Nexus1

While this next table shows which triumph players are choosing.

TriumphVrykos (4)L. Night (5)L. Blood (2)Avengorii (1)
Note that some players do not choose a triumph if their list is close to or at 2,000 points

Command Trait & Artefact Choices

The following table shows the Command Trait choices for the shown subfactions.

Command TraitVrykos (4)L. Night (5)L. Blood (2)Avengorii (1)
Hunter’s Snare1
The Bait2
Tailored Downfall1
Unbending Will3
Doomed Minions1
Spoor Trackers1
Monstrous Might1
Driven by Deathstench2

The next table shows the artefact choices players make. Note that in some lists players may choose more than one artefact.

ArtefactVrykos (4)L. Night (5)L. Blood (2)Avengorii (1)
Ulfenkarni Phylactery4
Standard of the Ulfenwatch1
Morbheg’s Claw5
Cloak of Mists and Shadows2
Breath of the Void Maw1

Spell Choices

We also have a table for which spells are being chosen by players from each subfaction.

Command TraitVrykos (4)L. Night (5)L. Blood (2)Avengorii (1)
Spirit Gale3421
Waste Away3331
Vile Transference112
Merciless Blizzard131
Fading Vigour1311
Flaming Weapon1

Most Commonly Used Warscrolls by Subfaction

Taking our average number of Distinct Warscrolls for each Subfaction shown in the second table on this page, we show which of the Warscrolls in the faction are most commonly used and show them in a list equalling that Distinct Warscroll value.

Once again, the number of times the Warscoll appears in a 4+ winning list is shown in brackets.

Vyrkos Dynasty (4 Lists)
20x Deadwalker Zombies (8)
10x Dire Wolves (6)
20x Grave Guard (5)
40x Deadwalker Zombies (4)
Torgillius the Chamberlain (3)
Corpse Cart (3)
Belladamma Volga (2)
Vampire Lord (2)
Legion of Night (5 Lists)
20x Deadwalker Zombies (7)
Vampire Lord (6)
Mannfred Von Carstein (5)
10x Dire Wolves (4)
20x Grave Guard (4)
Necromancer (4)
10x Deathrattle Skeletons (4)
Malevolent Maelstrom (3)
Legion of Blood (2 Lists)
20x Deadwalker Zombies (3)
Necromancer (2)
10x Deathrattle Skeletons (2)
Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon (2)
Neferata (2)
Vampire Lord (1)
20x Grave Guard (1)
Malevolent Maelstrom (1)
Avengorii Dynasty (1 List)
Terrorgheist (4)
Necromancer (2)
Lauka Vai (1)
Vengorian Lord(1)
Zombie Dragon (1)

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