Las Vegas Open Preview

It’s going to be the biggest event in the Age of Sigmar tournament calendar. A title previously held by CanCon in Australia. Now with over 300 players attending from all over the globe, the Las Vegas Open (or often referred to affectionately by players as LVO) is the jewel in the AoS crown.

We’ve been kindly given a run down of all the lists for this years events (of those submitted anyway), and we can now start going through them and comparing this to the Meta. We’ll also look at the players and their performances over the last year to try and get an idea who’ll finish the King (or Queen) of Las Vegas.

Faction Popularity

The LVO split roughly follows the current Meta trend on the army splits, with Stormcast Eternals being the most popular army. However, where Sylvaneth are the second most popular faction in the meta, they’ve been surplanted at the LVO by Ogor Mawtribes.

For those not into graphs, the below compares the LVO uptake against what would have been expected to have been taken based on the meta.

Grand Strategies

Most players chose either a Strategy from their factions Battletome or Take What’s Theirs (More units than the opponent, inside opponent’s territory).

Two crazy cats went for Demonstration of Strength (3 or more Galletian Veteran units from your army remaining), which is considered by many easy to deny.

And, understandably, no one went for Tame the Land (control all the objectives on the battlefield wholly outside your territory).


Players that have lists with 1,990 points or less are more likely to be able to use their triumph


Most players chose to go with either 1 or 2 battalions.

The majority of players seemed to include a Battle Regiment, with perhaps half the lists having Bounty Hunters. Command Entourage and Warlord also see a fair amount of use to benefit from those additional enhancements.


The average amount of drops for an army at LVO is 5.5. If you’re attending and you have less than this, you’re more likely to have the choice of priority in turn 1.

Player Rankings

Here we go, earlier in the week we published our top 8 choices based on the win rates and then a best of the rest. But, here is our full run down of everyone’s stats that is attending, and has previously attended at least one GT (that we’re aware of), sorted by their win rates,

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