General Speaking – Baz Norman Jr

Following on from our conversation with Randal Brasher last week, we hop over the pond and catch up with Baz Norman Jr in the UK.

Baz is well known and liked in the UK tournament scene pushing his Daughters of Khaine across tables along the length and breadth of England. But what makes him tick, and how did he start out?

Baz Norman Jr – The Stats

A beard to rival that of AoS Coach

Events: 6
Wins: 23
Losses: 7
Win Rate: 76.7%
Current World Woehammer Ranking: 48th
Current European Woehammer Ranking: 16th
Current UK Woehammer Ranking: 14th

Baz! Thank you for talking to me. So, my first question is when did you start wargaming and what drew you into the hobby and competitive gaming?

I started my journey with the Games Workshop brand at 4th edition in 1994 when I was around 12. The draw of fantasy battles of dragons, goblins, dwarves, elves and magic was what brought me into it.

Over the years I dipped in and out of the hobby, never fully leaving it. Aged 18 I joined the armed Forces and this saw the longest gap to be fair.

Combinations of work and personal life meant I didn’t really get into the hobby until a couple of years ago now, and I then only really started the tournament scene after getting invited to join The Warrior Lodge club in November 2021. My first event was later that month where I went 1-4. It was then, the tournament bug bit.

So going from 1-4 to frequenting the podiums on multiple occasions. What made the difference?

After going 1-4, Tom Patton from our club (The Warrior Lodge) kind of took my under his wing and I’ve got him to thank really for helping me get started on this journey. This, coupled with practice games against many other players, such as Mike Stewart, Sam Kimberly and playing at events saw my skill level increase.

2022 I wanted to fully immerse myself into the tournament scene to get the practice in, not only to get better at the game, but also to thrive in the social aspect of the hobby.

Any events that I could attend, I would. 1 dayers, two 1 dayers back to back, 2 dayers, any and all. The tournaments are an excellent ways of getting to know people, and its really nice to be able to catch up with people you’ve not seen for a couple of months or so, plus not to mention the nights away with mates. Outside of the tournament scene, I regularly do demo and intro games for other new people into the hobby.

So in a nutshell, reps, reps, reps. I believe you are only as good as the players you player against personally, and if you want to improve, you have to push to play the big names in the game.

Baz’s Morathi takes on an army of undead

You mentioned about competing in one dayers and two dayers and even back to back one dayers. Does your approach and lost building change depending on the type of event?

When I started practicing with the Daughters, my list did change as 1 dayers in particular are a great way of getting some ‘test’ games in, however once I had honed in what I was going to run and my skills improved, I now use 1 dayers as a way to get some chilled games in so I run one of my other armies Ive got, such as Slaves to Darkness, Giants or more likely my Gitz….. which are soon to be a top tier army! 😉

You’ve probably seen the rules for S2D. Thought of any good lists?

Like many others, ive seen some leaks for S2D, all of which I think are quite tasty tbf! The GT’s are now achievable and the Eye of the Gods table will certainly add some curveballs. There is still play with Archaon and Varanguard for sure, but I also feel you will see more Chaos knights and Chaos Warriors (especially with the Bringers of Desolation ability) on the table….might even see Chosen now they can dish out MWs in addition to their attacks!

You’re a big Daughters of Khaine fan, can you break down the key to playing them well, for others interested in the faction?

My first collection of models when I started was Dark Elves and currently this faction is the closest, so that resonates with me, but they also play very well into my play style. I like to have something to do in every phase, rather than just dominating in 1, such as the hero phase, and my list (in particular) does this for me. As with most factions, you can semi-tailor your sub allegiance abilities and unit take, to fit into your play style.

Most of the units in the army are referred to as ‘glass cannons’, they can dish out a lot of attacks and with a buff or two they can do a devastating amount of damage. But they die to a stiff breeze, so if you havent done the damage before they die, thats the unit potentially being taken off the table, so thinking several moves if not turns ahead is key. Doing this for your own army is great, the difficulty comes (this is where the reps gives dividends) is knowing how and what the opponents army can do as a reaction.

Having a God character like Morathi is good, however she will still die and when she does die, the earliest being bottom of turn 2. It leaves a big 680 pt hole in your army, not to mention a decent hero phase and the buffs she gives out, but all is not necessarily lost when she dies.

If you’re interested in the faction then speak to someone who plays them, and get a game in with them, I’ve not got any issues with people using mine to see how they feel before making the big investment themselves.

When you’re looking at building a new list, what’s your approach to it? Do you focus on one unit and build up or is it a specific trick?

When building a list, I want to ensure firstly that I’ve got play in each phase, so I can act and react accordingly. Secondly, battle tactics, ensuring that you can achieve as many battle tactics as possible, as they score you points.

Then its a case of bringing units together that can complement each other and work well together and have strengths in each phase. I know some players do think about points worth, but thats something I’m starting to consider.

With the ability to have allies etc you have the flexibility to bring in other factions units into your army that maybe your army doesn’t naturally have.

All this experience comes down to practice, watching other games and armies and talking to players 🙂

Do you have any other GT’s organised under the current season?

Music to my ears! Lol

I’m going to War in the Heartlands Act 2 next weekend which I’ve been told is a big event, so am looking forward to that, but after that, ive got the GAF 2 dayer in Hull and then, Teams Carnage in Stokeport hosted by the legend that is Alex. December, ive only got the 1 event in atm (boo!) but thats a double event at Sanctuary with Dice N Ducks.

2023 is filling up nicely though already! 6 events booked so far!

Baz, as always, it’s an absolute pleasure talking to you and I look forward to meeting you at the Woehammer GT!

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