Leagues of Votann – First Lore

The Warhammer Community has posted the first lore on the League’s of Votann, and so far I like what I’ve read.

Essentially each league revers their own Votann, which is a super computer from the Dark Age of Technology. These super computers do everything for our stout friends and hold a lot of information on technology and tactics etc. They also hold a lot of STC’s (Standard Template Construct).

What’s an STC? No, it’s not a medical condition contracted after a debauched night out. They are technology designs from the Dark Age of Technology. Famous STC’s include the Rhino, Land Raider, Predator and Land Speeder to name but a few.

If the Imperium were aware that the League’s possessed these Super Computers (which they’re not) then there would be hell to pay on two counts at least.

1) The Imperium HATE artificial intelligence, and for the Votann to exist would go against a lot the Imperium believes

2) The Imperium LOVES new STC’s and stops at nothing to find them.

But, there’s always a twist, and it seems in the League’s of Votann’s case it is their reliance on the super computers. Because after tens of thousands of years their memory banks are almost full and tasks that would have taken moments in the past now take hours, days, months or even years to complete. S

So guess what?

The League’s have to find a way to help their grid-like AI friends….

The Art

From Warhammer Community

Here’s the artwork that was posted yesterday. Aside from being a great piece, there is a little information we can take away about their models from this.Th

Those who saw my last post when the Votann were announced will be familiar with my wishlist I think we can tick off one of those items just by looking at this picture.

Hearthguard, yup I think those big fellas at the back with the impressive shoulders are the Hearthguard. After all the main focus looks to be a leader character of some kind, so it would make sense to have his guard nearby.

Just look at their armour as well, doesn’t it remind you of Space Marine power armour? This makes me think I’ll be getting my wish for the 3+ save.

If the models match the artwork I think they’ll look great, but what do you think?

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