Yet Another 40k Book to Buy….

Don’t get me wrong I love 40k, always have done and always will do but with the announcement of Warhammer 40k Seasons on December 28th, I’m beginning to tire of the amount of books needed to play a game.

In 1992/93 when first entered the 40k world all the books you needed were the books in the 2nd edition boxed set (of which there were three) and your armies codex (once it got released).

As a way of comparison looking at the Blood Angels, you need the Rulebook (core rules are free but what about all the other bits you may want such as Crusade) for £40. Then you need the Space Marine Codex (£30), followed by the Blood Angels Codex supplement (£17.50). That’s a total of £87.50 without any models.

Now if you want to take part in tournaments and the Warhammer Seasons (which will change every six months) you’ll need Chapter Approved for a further £25 followed by the seasons book which I imagine will be another £25. That brings you to a grand total of £137.50 plus £25 every six months.

This is becoming tiresome. Especially compared to other games companies out there.

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