Warhammer Age of Sigmar App

Today saw the release of the new Age of Sigmar App.

To those who have used the 40k app the two work in the same way as each other, with a code on your Battletome unlocking the special rules, battalions and subfaction rules of on the app.

There are three main areas on the app itself, those being reference, storm forge and core rules.


The reference page

Reference are all of the faction and subfaction specific rules, warscrolls traits and everything else you can think of. There is an easy to use search engine included which allows you to quickly navigate to what you’re looking for.

The search engine


Under Stormforge you are able to create your army lists quickly with simple choice clicks along the way. I was able to create a Kruleboyz list in under a minute. Granted it’s not a tournament winning list, but it’s great to just play around with and put lists together on.


The core rules does exactly as it suggests and provides the essentials for game play. You’ll also find the FAQ’s and designers notes under this section as they’re released as well. The only thing you will miss and that I would love to see is the Path to Glory rules included.


Yes it’s Beta version, but I found the last app much too cumbersome and battery draining than the newer app. Give this another month and whatever kinks it currently has will be ironed out.

It’s extremely well laid out, easy to read and isn’t a massive drain on your battery.

My only criticism is the missing path to Glory rules. But I understand why GW would only release the free rules inside the app.

As an inclusion as part of the Warhammer+ group of offerings this is fantastic and gives the Age of Sigmar fans something to get their teeth into.

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