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Stormbringer – AoS Part Works

Hachette have recently announced another Age of Sigmar part build, which will be their fourth working with Games Workshop following the successes of their previous collaborations.

Caution! Here be Dragons

Stormbringer is based around the Dominion box set, with a lot of additions (yes, including dragons!). The main antagonists of the series will be the Orruks against the Stormcast Eternals.

While aimed at attracting new members to the hobby, these part work series are always a great way to pick up some of the models you need for a lot cheaper than the RRP.

As with the previous collections, they’ll be 80 issues with the first two priced at £2.99 and £5.99 respectively followed by £8.99 an issue after that. Like the previous collections they’ll also be issued weekly.

The first four issues include:

  • Issue 1 – Orruk Killaboss with Stab-Grot and Knight-Arcanum (and dice) and battle mat) for £2.99
  • Issue 2 – 10x Gutrippas with stikkas for £5.99
  • Issue 3 – 5x Stormcast Vindicators for £8.99
  • Issue 4 – A paint special with Retributor Armour, Leadbelcher, Kantor Blue and Orruk Flesh all included.

That’s great value for money if you collect either of those armies already! Here at Woehammer I’m considering signing up for the magazine myself to give us two ‘Studio’ armies at the end of the run.

For the premium subscription (£2 per issue) you’ll also get four additional magazine with extra models. These being Yndrasta, Killaboss on Great Gnashtoof, Grundstok Gunhauler and Dankboss Troggoth.

While it’s available in newsagents from today, you’ll only be able to get your hands on the first four issues until they confirm there is enough interest in the subscription. So you likely won’t receive any other issues until the Summer.