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Friday Follow – Blogs & Articles


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll have heard of Goonhammer. A regular website that posts great articles for all things Games Workshop. With a multitude of writers and a small editing team the articles are always top notch and worth a read.

The article that caught my eye this week is one discussing battle-tactics in Age of Sigmar – particularly the discussion between Battletome Battle-Tactics being allowed.

It’s been written by Mike ‘Ellar’ Chadderton who you’ll know from my recent Big Waaagh article.

I agree with much of what Mike has written – go and give it a look.


And if you’ve been reading my posts recently, particularly on Gloomspite, Kragnos and Bundo in ‘Bad in Name Only’, you’ll know about PlasticCraic and his Age of Sigmar blog.

Unlike Goonhammer PlasticCraic does it on his own, so there’s fewer articles but the quality is always top notch. I’m currently really enjoying the List Building Challenge and there were some great lists there this month.

Let me know what you’re reading at the moment and any blogs and articles we should be checking out!

— Declan