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Duclus Photographic Light Box – Review

With my older lightbox being very cheap and nasty, I thought it was time to upgrade. I wanted a lightbox with good space, adjustable lighting and easily stored. Step in the Duclus Photographic Light Box!

This lightbox is available from Amazon (affiliate link) in two sizes 30cm or 40cm. The version I purchased and reviewed is the 30cm.

Delivery and Packing

The box

Available on Amazon, the lightbox can be ordered through Prime for next day delivery, and so delivery is always good.

The lightbox itself comes inside its own case which is no more then 4-5cm thick allowing it to be stored very easily. The case itself feels good quality as well with a zip to make sure everything stays inside.

The storage case, and my kitchen hob

What’s Inside?

Inside the case you’ll find six coloured backgrounds, a light diffuser (an excellent addition), lighting controls and the lightbox itself.

Coloured backgrounds

Most photography will only require you to use the white and black backgrounds but the other four could be useful as well, just perhaps not as widely used.

Lighting controls

The lighting controls are simple with three buttons, on/off, increase and decrease for the light intensity. One downside is that the lightbox does not come with any plug so you’ll have to use a phone charger or a USB port to plug the lightbox into.

Set up

The lightbox is relatively easy to set up, unfolding nicely, with a back panel that lifts up to hold its shape. The diffuser attaches using velcro around the edges, then you simply slip in the coloured background you want to use.

The box with the diffuser attached
The light ring

Working on a series of led lights, these are perfectly placed at the top of the box, you also have a port hole which allows you to photograph objectives through from above.

Port Hole view
The complete set up with the white background


As you can see below, using my DSLR camera you can get professional looking shots from what is a relatively cheap piece of equipment.


For £37.99 I’m impressed by the quality of the lightbox, I am disappointed in the lack of a plug and the requirement to be near some kind of ISB port but otherwise it ticks all the boxes.