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Woehammer Goals for Q1 2022

Both Declan and I keep discussing how amazed we are at how well our little website has been received!

So I thought it may be an idea to write down some goals that would be nice to achieve in the next quarter.

  1. Try and increase our engagement by getting 75 likes in a month. (as way of comparison January is currently at 56)
  2. Get the views per visitor to over 2.00 in a single month.
  3. Double our follower count by the end of March (Currently at 21).
  4. Gain 75,000 views in a single month (as way of comparison January is currently at 34.9k)
  5. Spend three hours each week visiting other blogs and commenting on them.
  6. Have at least 70 more posts under our belt by the end of March (1 per day)
  7. Post the remaining Combat Patrol Beginner Armies post by the end of March. (3 down currently, 9 to go)
  8. Get another writer on board
  9. Cover the big 5 day events for Age of Sigmar in our Top Three lists between now and the end of March.
  10. Have fun!

There we go! ten goals for the next quarter, some of these will be extremely hard to achieve, but I think we’re all up for the challenge!