A Tale of Wargamers – Part 6

If you’re not UK based then use the below as a guide for your monthly budget:

Euro – €35
US Dollar – $35
Australian Dollar – $75

The above has been calculated using a box of Cadian Infantry as the marker:

Costs at time of writing (27th October 2022)

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Declan (UK) – Astra Militarum (40K)
Peter (UK) – Warhammer Fantasy (Dwarfs)
Brett (AUS) – Traitor Guard (40K)
Dave (UK) – Age of Sigmar (Ogor Mawtribes)


BUDGET – United Kingdom – £25 for February

Carried Forward+29.54£29.54
Feb Budget+25.00£54.54
2 x Cadian Upgrade Sprues-17.85 ea£18.84
A hobby supply month

I have waited a long time for the Upgrade Sprues to be available separately, so it’s off to my FLGS to pick up 2 of them. I hope these will breath life into my troops and actually get them on the painting table ahead of my prevarication units Warmaster Dire Wolves – more on them in a Hobby Update coming soon!

I’m struggling with new arrival to paint anything more complicated than a wolf, or a Hobgrot though so there may be more delays ahead.


BUDGET – United Kingdom – £25 for February

I said I had a surprise last month, so here it is. With no spending last month, it means I’m able to afford the Greywater Fastness Start Collecting box!

The Thane is also the old Dwarf special Character Belegar Ironhammer. So this could feasibly be a Karak eight peaks force.

So all in all, our 8th Edition Fantasy army now looks like:

Belegar Ironhammer (305)
Runesmith (60)

20x Dwarf Warriors (190)
Full Command
10x Thunderers (150)
– Full Command

1x Gyrocopter (80)
10x Ironbreakers (170)
– Full Command

Total Points: 955/1,000

With upgrades, etc, this should round out to a nice 1,000-point army. Now I’ve got my first cohort collected I need to get building and painting!

Carried Forward+27.20£27.20
Feb Budget+25.00£52.20
Greywater Fastness: Start Collecting!-52.00£0.20


BUDGET – Australia – $75 for February

After last’s months slowdown I’ve chosen to come roaring back in February completing both the Heavy Weapons Team and building the first of 2 vehicle, a Chimera, so now our squads have some more mobility. In the end the Heavy Weapons Squad was easy, just carrying forward the paint scheme established on the Infantry Squads. Grey with some black on boots and helmets. I’ve tried to give the mortar a Parkerised type finish, the result is a little more green than I wanted but the variety is important. I used Vallejo 70.924 Russian Uniform WW2 in the model colour range. I’ve also picked up some Zandri Dust, a very useful beige which I frequently mix with greens and sometimes reds for different effects (a lot of even lightish browns have a red pigment in them, Zandri doesn’t and tones down the warmth).

I mentioned before Christmas that I would explain my colour scheme, such as it is. I was inspired by Midwinter Mini’s Blackstone fortress series and the Traitor Guard he paints in it. They make use of their prime coat (a Halfords Grey I think) as the basic uniform. I thought that was a great idea. It fits really well with my concept of the army. After millennia of supplying regiments to the aspirations of the empire another call to arms has arrived, this time several broken regiments are combined and new recruits added. There are questions, some unspoken, there are gods but they are made to fight against them. They can rise to glory and bask in the benevolence of these gods but they must cast of the shackles of the Ecclesiarchy. And so it began, Imperial symbols torn off, equipment left undyed and still issued.

That gives us grey uniforms, with black helmets and boots (minimum of paint required to blacken the helmets). Equipment is left in natural metal or blackened (anodised). The lasguns are fiberglass (I’ve used a dark grey) with metal collimators (maybe the batteries should be metal as well). Heavy equipment Parkerized and tanks painted grey. I’m trying to avoid significant gradient steps on the tanks which would be aiming points. In general there should be no bright points either. It turns out is a little bit of a struggle and we’ve had to get a few extra paints this month. After priming I’ve gone back over the hull stippling with a blended grey.

I then used Agrax Earthshade on the sides and underbelly (stippled) and Basilicum Grey Contrast on the tracks and upper sides before picking details with Leadbelcher and some Frostheart on the glass blocks. Basilicum Grey cut 50/50 with water has become my go to in place of Nuln Oil in a lot of cases. For someone with over 5000 pts of Necron I never thought I’d move on from Nuln Oil. I’ll add I’m not happy with the bases on the mortar teams and will have to think about basing.

I’m aware that there is a similarity with WW1 and early WW2 German uniforms, it’s not deliberate but it’s there. Early in WW2 Germany had amassed a military from mostly civilian factories to hide their preparation. Making a lot of camoflage paint would have been a bit obvious. And it was early days for camoflage. My army is doing the same, moving from Imperial stocks to local manufacture without the Imperium. Their units mostly fought in space and there’s not a lot of greenery in a ship.. I hope that gives some context to the scheme, next month onto the Command Squad and then. Before that I’ll leave you with an image of my small traitor Guard regiment.

Carried Forward+105.01$105.01
February Budget+75.00$180.01
Basilicum Grey-9.09$109.68
Zandri Dust-5.06$104.62
Vallejo Russian Uniform-5.69$98.93
Agrax Earthshade-9.09$89.84
Astra Militarum Codex-66.36$23.48


BUDGET – United Kingdom – £25 for February

I’m afraid the project has been on hiatus this month. While I still love Ogors, my AoS hype well has run very dry indeed and I’ve been working on other projects. Mainly these have been Warhammer Fantasy Wood Elves and making a start on some terrain for Warmaster. So, no painting or purchases this week but I may come back to this next time. Cheers!

Sep & Oct Budget+£50.00£50.00
Paints & Tools-£31.61£18.39
Ogor Gluttons-£9.00£9.39

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