AoS Meta Stats W/Ending 26th February 2023

How Win Rates are Calculated

There have been inquiries regarding the calculation of our win rates. The key difference between us and Honest Wargamer is that we take into account draws, whereas Honest Wargamer/TSN only considers wins.
Our calculation method involves counting draws as a 0.5 win and 0.5 loss. This can lead to slight differences in our rates compared to those of HWG/TSN. For instance:

A player with 2 wins, 1 draw, and 2 losses would have a 40% win rate using the HWG/TSN method (2 divided by 5 = 40%). In our method, we would count 2 wins and half a win from the draw, which equals 2.5 wins. Divided by 5, the player would have a 50% win rate.

The Honest Wargamer/TSN also have access to many more tournament results than ourselves via their large fan base. This does mean that we may not have the same amount of tournament data as HWG/TSN. However, we will try and source the information if we’re aware a tournament exists.

We believe that having multiple perspectives on win rates is beneficial, and both methods have their own merits. If you want to view the great work by Ziggy and Rob’s team, visit the Honest Wargamer website.

Event Submission

If you have organised an event that doesn’t appear in our database and has the following minimum requirements to be included:

  • Two Day Event
  • Singles Event
  • Minimum of 8 players

Then why not complete the form attached and send the results to We’ll include them the next time we produce the stats.

View the Stat Discussion on Stormkeep

The guys from Stormkeep will be talking through the stats today (Sunday 3rd March) at 2pm EST. Why not join the discussion?

Faction Win Rates

We’ve now had 20 factions reach our marker of 20 players at GT’s so far, all others will be added over the coming weeks as they cross this threshold.

Win Rates


Player Results by Wins

This graph has at least two purposes. Firstly it shows the faction popularity by the number of players and secondly it breaks down those players results in terms of the number of wins they achieve.

For once Stormcast have been knocked off their perch as the most popular faction, with Slaves to Darkness now taking the top spot.

Players Achieving 5-0 Wins and Tournaments in Winning Positions

This graph has two purposes. Firstly, it shows the number of players that have been on the brink of reaching the elusive 5-0 (essentially four wins in the first four games of a GT). This figure is shown by the grey columns. As you can see there have been some factions that have so nearly claimed that 5-0 only to fall short at the final game. These factions are; Slaves to Darkness, Daughters of Khaine, Soulblight Gravelords, Kruleboyz?!, Seraphon and Sons of Behemat.

Lumineth Realm-Lords are early leaders with 6 players managing to get that elusive 5-0.


Win Chance

Although Lumineth have the highest number of 5-0 wins, if you want to be a true meta chaser, the best chance you currently have of going for five wins based on the current stats is with Fyreslayers with 11% of their players achieving 5-0.!

Like above, this show the chance of getting 4 or more wins (including 5-0).

And finally the chance of going 3+ wins (including 5-0 and 4+).

Our Database

This is our most copy of our database.

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