AoS Meta Stats W/Ending 18th December 2022

Faction Win Rates

We’re now starting to get some firmer data as more and more players take part in tournaments. The below table shows the results for factions that have had at least 20 players represent them at GT’s using the rules from Battlescroll: Galletian Reinforcements after it dropped on 27th October.

The overall effect appears to have been positive for the game. We still have five factions that are above 55%, but the leading factions (Beasts of Chaos) win rate has fallen from 60.8% to 59.3%.

At the other end of that table we have Sons of Behemat (Swapping places with Ogor Mawtribes) falling below the 45% win rate bracket and joining perennial last placers Kruleboyz and Gloomspite Gitz.

Overall the gap in the win rates between first and last in the charts has fallen from 23.41% to 22.75%.


I have tidied this data since I last published it two weeks ago, and it now includes additional tournaments that were run in Europe and Scandinavia that previously hadn’t been included.

As mentioned earlier, we’re starting to get a clearer picture of the effect of the new Battlescroll on the GT scene. Some factions are not appearing on the below table as they haven’t reached the prerequisite 20 player mark that I randomly decided upon.

Faction Popularity Changes

With the release of new Battletomes and the changing of some of the rules for others, I thought it would be interesting to see what effect thsiis has had on which factions players choose:

Factions sorted by the change in their player base

The new Ogor Mawtribes Battletome has had the biggest effect on the meta with a positive swing in their player base of 3.7%. They’re joined by two of the other new battletomes Lumineth Realm-Lords and Disciples of Tzeentch who all see an increase in their player base of over 2%. That was a jump from 21st on the popularity list to 3rd. Stormcast Eternals continue to be the most popular faction followed by Sylvaneth.

Player Results by Wins

This graph has at least two purposes. Firstly it shows the faction popularity by the number of players and secondly it breaks down those players results in terms of the number of wins they achieve.

Players Achieving 5-0 Wins

Win Chance

This shows the chance each faction has of achieving 5-0. This is calculated using the number of players that go 5-0 against the full number of players using that faction.

Like above, this show the chance of getting 4 or more wins (including 5-0).

And finally the chance of going 3+ wins (including 5-0 and 4+).

AOS Hall of Fame

Below is a list of all the players who first achieved a 5-0 with a faction. The list is completed in date order (earliest first).

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