AoS Meta Stats W/Ending 27th November 2022

Note: As promised, I have removed the ‘Immortal Masquerade’ results from the Woehammer Stats.

Faction Win Rates


The data for post battlescroll tournaments is still too small to bring any meaningful information from post-battlescroll events. That being said the below shows the win rates for each faction. I expect that once we reach mid-December the numbers will be more reliable. But, please in the meantime take these with salt.

Player Results by Wins

This graph has at least two purposes. Firstly it shows the faction popularity by the number of players and secondly it breaks down those players results in terms of the number of wins they achieve.

Players Achieving 5-0 Wins

Win Chance

This shows the chance each faction has of achieving 5-0. This is calculated using the number of players that go 5-0 against the full number of players using that faction.

Like above, this show the chance of getting 4 or more wins (including 5-0).

And finally the chance of going 3+ wins (including 5-0 and 4+).

AOS Hall of Fame

Below is a list of all the players who first achieved a 5-0 with a faction. The list is completed in date order (earliest first).

The only factions still yet to achieve 5-0 are Blades of Khorne and Kruleboyz.

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