GT Woehammer Rankings W/Ending 23rd October 2022

The below top ten’s have been calculated using the Woehammer method for rankings explained on the website a little over a week ago. The aim of this system is to give everyone an even chance of taking a tournament win regardless of the faction that they play.

For the full workings on how these are calculated, please click this link.

FLG’s SoCal Open Age of Sigmar Championship Event

BCP rankings also show Ramon Silva taking this event leading 2nd place Matt Nguyen by 15 battle points over the course of their 5 wins at the weekend. Unfortunately using the Woehammer points system, Matt now finds himself in 5th behind Benjamin Hosking (ranked 7th on BCP with Slaves and Aaron Newbom (ranked 6th on BCP with Big Waaagh). Roberto Campos-McDonalds drops a position to fourth.

Tournament multiplier: 1.1

PNW Masters

Stark Pister clings on to hi BCP 1st position in the tournament, while 2nd place Tom Guan falls to third from 2nd after Mattias Krushel scores higher for his wins playing with Skaven.

Tournament Multiplier: 1.0

Quest of Champions – Final

The UK’s biggest event last weekend saw Freddie Leggett take another victory, while Toby Meadows and Mike Stewart finished 2nd and 3rd respectively. Toby Meadows jumps to 1st in this case thanks to his wins with a faction desperately waiting for that new tome to arrive (well done). Our very own Kieron Bailey jumps up to 3rd from 13th thanks for three really great wins with a faction in the sub 40% win rate bracket!

South Coast Series Southampton

William Nicholl and Michael McLean swap positions on the podium after finishing 3rd and 2nd respectively according to BCP. Ian Belcher jumps from 7th to 4th with 3 wins under Ogors!

Tabletop Minis TTM 2 Dayer AoS

Riyathe, Liam and Grant all maintain their BCP positions with the only reordering occurring among those with two wins as the factions with lower win rates (Gloomspite Gitz and Ogor Mawtribes) outscore the more successful factions of Daughters of Khaine and Sons of Behemat.

The Proving Grounds

On the podium Pendleton and Matthew swap positions while once again the factions with lower win rates rise to the top of the 3-2 bracket.

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