Hobby Update – Redgrass Wet Palette

A while ago I backed the new Redgrass Wet Palette on Kickstarter and late last week it arrived! Hurrah.

Today I finally got a go on it. It comes with an explanation book, which also covers some of Redgrass’ other products, and some small painting tutorials. It all looks great and although the paints described are not ones I own I’m sure I can substitute them for citadel paints.

A nice, small explanatory booklet from Redgrass Games

Following the instructions, I got the palette set up with the water at the correct level, and got to painting. I chose an undercoated Skaven Clanrat and got going with Mephiston Red.

Attempt 1… no water in the paint!

So, attempt number one was without water in the paint. I routinely thin my paints but didn’t know if this was needed on a wet palette… result: I think I need to continuing adding water… so I did.

Mephiston Red with water added

With the water added, this allowed the paint to get onto the model much more smoothly, but the paint was still drying on the palette. Obviously I was doing something a little wrong, so I added more water to the palette to see if that would help!

Gore Grunta Fur – with water

Thinned Gore Grunta Fur on the legs and arms with water added. This has gone on nicely onto the model with some natural shading (it is Contrast paint after all). But… it’s still drying – one more attempt before I ask for help!

Wild Rider Red as a glaze

Okay, so I wouldn’t normally glaze over white — it’s a bit of a rubbish look in this case – but I wanted to see if glazes would dry as well… Unfortunately it did!

So although not a successful first attempt I have learnt some things about a wet palette. I have reached out to a friend who has received his Redgrass Wet Palette already and asked for some help! I’ll let you know how I get on and post a second article soon.

I would say I’m confident this is user error at the moment and not the palette at this stage – but I thought it would be useful for the readers of Woehammer to see unsuccessful trials as well as successful ones!

— Declan

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