Writing a Sci-Fi Tabletop Wargame – Part 7

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So the results of last weeks votes are as follows:

Psychic Powers

Another aspect to many science fiction and fantasy games is the inclusion of magic or psychic powers. So the question here is simple, should we include the ability to wield psychic powers in the game?

Command Phase

As we have settled on bidding being the method of deciding which player goes first, we should therefore have something to bid with!

This will come in the form of orders or commands for you army. But here we need to start getting into the nitty gritty if the Command Phase. Firstly how are orders generated? Is it by a simple roll on 2D6, or a roll with modification such as the number of command bases an army has? Or perhaps rolling a D6 for each unit on the board and using a specified value as a successfully generated order which can be used later? For example, the Red player has 15 units on the table and so rolls 15 dice, for arguments sake a 4+ is needed to generate an order and the Red player successfully rolls 9 dice at 4+, therefore they can use 9 orders to bid for the first turn, or to move and act with their units.

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