Product Review – Terrain Crate; Mine Track

From Mantic Games

I participated in #hohohobbyvices this Christmas and received some great presents in my box! It was great fun preparing for my recipient and opening up my pressies and I’ll definitely look at doing it again next year.

Amongst the treasures I received a box of Mantic Games’ Terrain Crate – Mine Tracks.

£7.99 for 6 tracks!

They come in a bit of an over-engineered box with each piece of track in its own section in vacuum formed plastic insert, but the models themselves are crisply formed, and off sprue – so required no preparation work.

The finished set

I tend to so ‘simple’ for my scenery and so these followed the same principle. Undercoated in Army Painter Rat Fur (brown), then Agrax Earthshade and highlighted XV-88 for the wood. The rails were simply Leadbelcher, Nuln Oil, and Ironbreaker dry brush… dead easy and I’m happy with how they look.

I don’t know what I’ll do with these, but they’ll go into my pile of painted scenery for when I assemble another table worth for Age of Sigmar, or a more Agricultural world for Warhammer 40k

It’s a fun little kit, and very simple to paint.

— Declan

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