Writing a Sci-fi Table-Top Wargame – Part 2

So after last weeks article and vote, it’s been decided that we’re writing a Science Fiction tabletop wargame.

Results of the first vote

I think the next question we need to answer is what type of game is this going to be for? Is it going to be Land Combat, Air Combat, Sea Combat, Space Combat or all of them rolled into one bigger system? and on top of this what scale should it be?

Therefore it’s a double vote this week, one for the type of game and one for the scale of the game. I’ve briefly outlined the scale below to give you a general sense of what each could represent (but this is by no means set in stone).


Agnostic would mean that the game can be played at any scale the players wish. This could mean that individual pieces may represent a single individual, a squad, a platoon, a regiment and so on. For example a single Astra Militarum miniature on a base could represent anything, for example being a marker for a regiment of foot soldiers to an infantry division.

Grand Tactical Scale (10mm and less)

Small scale games would often represent grand tactical battles where a player is in commands of 1,000s of warriors organised into large units such as battalions, brigades or divisions and a gaming table can represent an area many miles across. Arguably 10mm could also be used for medium scale games.

Medium Scale (Between 10mm and 20mm)

Games of this scale could be used to represent that area between large scale battles and skirmishes. Perhaps focusing in on a only a few miles of the warzone.

Skirmish Scale (20mm+)

Miniatures of this size will often represent individual fighters and focus on a key area of a battle or perhaps a special mission involving only a few key personnel.

So which scale appeals to your the most?

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