Woehammer Roundup 26/09/21

This is the very first outing for the hobby roundup and I’m starting as we mean to go on!

Wilbur the Red on Twitter (@Mr_Whateley)

Wilbur’s Chaos Renegades

Wilbur has done a spectacular job on this Blood Bowl team to make them truly stand out from the crowd. With Skaven, Dark Elves, Orcs and Goblins all involved in the lineup it’s no mean feat to give them all a coherency. Wilbur has done this with a fantastic pink, using it to pick out the armour details. Using a darker tone may have meant losing that coherency, so this was an excellent choice in my opinion.

The models are painted to an exquisite standard and the subtle basing really finished them off nicely.

Wilbur wrote about finishing this team along with some great artwork his friend completed to go with them on his blog.

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